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Michael Schneider, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Licensed to Practice in Illinois and Missouri






Michael Joseph Schneider, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist    Licensed Psychologist

Illinois License No.: 071-005940 

Missouri License No: PY 01367


Office Address: 

2272 Chestnut (2nd Floor)

Quincy, Ill 62301 

(217) 641-0945 


Relevant Experience:


9/2007 to present:  Social Security Disability Determination Services. As a Medical Consultant I review applications for mental disabilities under the Title II and Title XVI programs (Disability Insurance Benefits and Disabled Individuals. Please note: I am not allowed to consult with individuals regarding any application for benefits.)
10/2004 to present:  Private practice in clinical psychology. Practice includes providing cognitive-behavioral therapy to individual adolescents and adults, couples therapy, parent counseling and the assessment and treatment of juvenile sexual behavior problems. Client concerns include anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, personal growth and wellness. 
08/2005 to 05/2007:  Quincy University, Quincy, Ill. Director of Counseling Center. Responsibilities included all administrative and clinical components of operating a campus-based mental health clinic, direct clinical services to students and staff and supervising graduate level counseling students.
1/2000 to 9/2004:  Chaddock, Inc., Quincy, Ill. Responsibilities as Associate Director of Clinical Services for a 38 bed residential treatment facility included training and supervising Masterís level therapists and practicum students, supervising multidisciplinary treatment teams, providing staff in-service training, serving as liaison to state agencies, hiring and training of therapists, revising/updating various agency and department policy and procedures.
10/94 to 1/2000:  22nd Judicial Circuit of Missouri, Family Court - Juvenile Division, St. Louis, Mo. Responsibilities as Chief Psychologist included supervising a staff of five psychologists and one clerical staff; managing training and supply budgets; recruiting and selection of staff; determining departmental policy and procedures; coordinating services with other departments within the Court and with outside agencies.
1/88 to 10/94: 22nd Judicial Circuit of Missouri, Family Court - Juvenile Division, St. Louis, Mo. Responsibilities as Staff Psychologist included psychological evaluations (300+ cases) and psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults; consultations with Court staff; assessment and group therapy with adolescent sex offenders; Court testimony; crisis intervention with detained juveniles; screening and scheduling referrals; supervision & training of practicum students and interns.
9/84 to 1/88: Children's Center for Behavioral Development, Centreville, IL. Two years as Therapist and one year as Clinical Director in a therapeutic day school for behaviorally disordered children. Responsibilities included supervising clinical staff of eight therapists; individual and group therapy; treatment planning; working with multi-disciplinary team.
9/80 to 7/87: Community Psychological Services, University of Missouri-St. Louis. (Graduate student position) Responsibilities included individual and family therapy; psychological evaluations; individual and team supervision of graduate students.
 9/83 to 9/84:  APA approved Clinical Psychology Internship, V.A. Medical Center, St. Louis, Mo. Rotations included inpatient psychiatry, geriatric and oncology, general hospital medical psychology, and out-placement at St. Louis Juvenile Court. Responsibilities included individual and group therapy; psychological assessment; consultations to medical staff.
9/82 to 9/83:  Graduate Level Practicum: St. Louis County Jail, Clayton, Mo. Responsibilities included individual and group therapy for adult maximum security inmates, including sexual offenders and substance abusers.
9/81 to 9/82:  Graduate Level Practicum: V.A. Medical Center, Outpatient Alcohol Dependency Treatment Unit. Responsibilities included assisting as co-therapist in ongoing treatment groups; psychological assessments; screening for admission to treatment groups.
5/79 to 8/80: Partial Hospitalization Program Assistant, Mark Twain Community Mental Health Center, Hannibal, Mo.  Responsibilities included co-therapy in ongoing treatment groups; developing treatment plans; scheduling and supervising social education and activity groups for inpatient substance abuse clients and outpatient clients with developmental disabilities; conducting daily relaxation/meditation groups (Back to top)

Teaching/Training/Conference Presentation Experience:

2007  Central Illinois Psychological Society: Provided brief workshops on Eckhart Tolle "The Power of Now: Implications for Psychologists", and Freeze-Framer Biofeedback Program for Stress Management.
2005 to 2007: Quincy University: Provided a variety of psychoeducational programs for students and training for Resident Assistance and university staff on anxiety and stress management, alcohol awareness, suicidal behavior and self-harm behavior (cutting).
2000 to 9/2004 Chaddock. Provided training to all new employees on Sexually Problematic Behavior, rotated as trainer on licensing regulations, professional boundaries, behavior treatment, etc..
1992 to 1998 22nd Judicial Circuit, Family Court - Juvenile Division. Presented training annually to Volunteer Guardians ad Litem on "The Impact of Foster Care Placement on Identity Development." Also presented training on "Principles of Behavior Modification", "Suicide Prevention in the Detention Center", "Responding to Children's and Adolescent's Sexual Behavior", and on "Working with Dysfunctional Families using Claudia Black's Approach" to detention and/or court-side staff.
1995 Missouri Association for Home Based Services. Co-presenter on "Juvenile Sexual Offenders", outlining cautions and issues for home-based service providers in Missouri.
1995 National Adolescent Perpetrator Treatment Network Annual Conference "A Protocol for Responding to Juvenile Sexual Offenders".

Division of Family Services CAN Conference. Panel Presentation on "Responding to Adolescent Sexual Offenders".


Missouri Psychological Association Fall Conference. Panel Presentation on "Treatment Issues with Adolescent Sexual Offenders".  (Back to top)

Undergraduate Psychology courses taught at the University of Missouri-St. Louis:

1/85 to 5/85:  Adolescent Psychology
8/84 to 12/84: Community Psychology
9/82 to 12/82:  Community Psychology
9/81 to 5/82: Teaching Assistant for undergraduate statistics and research methods courses.  (Back to top)


1987:  Received Doctoral Degree in Psychology from University of Missouri-St. Louis, an A.P.A. approved program in clinical psychology. Required internship was also A.P.A. approved.
1982: Received Masters Degree in Psychology from University of Missouri-St. Louis.
1979: Received Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Quincy College, Quincy, Ill., graduation with Honors.  (Back to top)

Current Professional Affiliations:

Member: American Psychological Association
Illinois Psychological Association
Missouri Psychological Association
Central Illinois Psychological Society  (Back to top)

Professional Accomplishments:

Primary responsibility for developing the structure and organization of the Quincy University Counseling Center, including all forms, policies and procedures and drafting protocols. Obtained a grant from the Illinois Higher Education Council to support alcohol prevention programs on campus.
Designed and implemented two year program to train and monitor Chaddock child care staff with respect to transference, counter-transference and professional boundaries.
Initiated the development of the long-term intensive outpatient treatment program for adolescent sex offenders at the 22nd Judicial Circuit, Family Court - Juvenile Division. Primary responsibility for the initial design and implementation of the assessment, orientation and treatment components of the program. Successfully obtained external grant funding to support the Courtís outpatient sex offender treatment program and Missouri Juvenile Sexual Perpetrator Treatment Network projects.
Founding member and first president of the Missouri Juvenile Sexual Perpetrator Treatment Network, a not-for-profit, multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to the reduction of sexual victimization through coordinated responses to juvenile sexual offenders. The Network presented six state-wide conferences on issues related to treatment and prevention of sexual offenses and hosted the National Adolescent Perpetrator's 1995 Annual Conference. Other Network projects included developing a state-wide treatment resource directory and a standardized protocol for responding to juvenile sexual offenders.
Selected to be member of Missouriís Childrenís Justice Act Task Force, 1996-1999. The organization was a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural group mandated by the Federal government to review Missouri's statutory and systemic responses to child abuse and make recommendations for statutory and regulatory changes that could reduce the trauma experienced by victims of abuse. Co-chaired Children's Justice Task Force committee that organized a state-wide multidisciplinary symposium of professionals concerned with the victims of child sexual abuse.
Organized and improved the referral and screening process within the Diagnostic - Treatment Department of the St. Louis Family Court. Helped guide and facilitate efforts to computerize the Department's database and develop plans for furthering the use of computers within the Department. Conducted the Department's first use of strategic planning. Oversaw and facilitated the delivery of new services for detained youth, e.g., psychiatric services for youth on or in need of medications.  (Back to top)

References available upon request.


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